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Quench® Gum Advertisement, 1974

1959 - Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin...

Since 1959, Mueller Sports Medicine has been a family-owned company dedicated to our mission to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality sports medicine products expected by our customers throughout the world. Our corporate headquarters in beautiful
Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin includes a complex of buildings that house the Research and Development department, several laboratories and manufacturing facilities, sophisticated shipping capability, three warehouses and a fully-equipped printing department.
Mueller Sports Medicine founder Curt Mueller was an innovator committed to preparing athletes of all levels to perform at their best. An athlete himself, Curt played varsity basketball for the Wisconsin Badgers, earning three letters and holding the rebound record for several years. Those years on the basketball court helped him realize that athletic training rooms were being serviced by sporting goods stores, which was simply inadequate for serious athletes.
But it wasn’t until 1959, after receiving his degree in pharmacology from the University of Wisconsin and working with his father at the family’s drugstore, that his insight would change everything. Led by his entrepreneurial spirit, Curt saw a huge opportunity for helping athletes enhance their performance and improve recovery from injury. Blending his sports experience and his pharmacology degree, he coined the term sports medicine, and Mueller Sports Medicine was born.
"We're not afraid to tread unexplored avenues. Not every future venture or avenue will succeed. Not every one has in the past. But the company's triumphs are usually successful." - Curt Mueller, 1994

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