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Hg80® Hinged Knee Brace - MD

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Hg80® Hinged Knee Brace - MD
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Extremely comfortable fabric with maximum medial-lateral support to help protect weak or injured knees. Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn® fabric, Triaxial Hinges, tibial containment system, inner anti-slip strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, fully adjustable and comfortable fit.

Application/Instructions: 1. Loosen all straps. 2. Slide brace on. 3. Align kneecap just above buttress. 4. Fasten large top and bottom areas behind knee. 5. Secure upper and lower straps.
Intended Use: Provides support to weak, injured, or arthritic joints; helps prevent medio-lateral movement and hyperextension of the knee.
Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with mild detergent, do not bleach, line dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.
Antimicrobial: Yes
Color: Black
Fits: Both
Composition: Aluminum 43%, Nylon 34%, Spandex 7%, Polyester 5%, EVA 4%, PU 3%, TPU 2%, Silicone 2%
Sterile: No
Measure Around Knee
10"-12" 12"-14" 14"-16" 16"-18" 18"-20" 20"-22" 22"-24"
25-30 cm 30-35 cm 35-40 cm 40-45 cm 45-50 cm 50-55 cm 55-60 cm