We Are Sports Medicine | Mueller Sports Medicine Braces Supports Tapes Wraps And Everything You Need For You Athletes And Your Athletic Training Room

  1. ATF 2 Ankle Brace

    ATF® 2 Ankle Brace

    The patented ATF® 2 Ankle Straps self-adjust to support your Anterior Talofibular Ligament and help protect against ‘rolling the ankle’ without restricting jumping, speed or agility. The ATF® 2 straps are lightweight and comfortable and help support weakened or sprained ankles. Learn More

  2. The One® Ankle Brace

    The One® Ankle Brace

    Designed to be extremely light and low-profile. Offering all the traditional benefits of taping, but with all adjustable flexibility of a soft strap brace.

    - Neoprene and latex free.

    - Available in sizes XS to XXXL.

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  3. Hg80 Ankle Support

    Hg80® Ankle Support

    The Mueller® Hg80® Ankle Support features gel pads for compression and support for your sore and/or weak ankles. Enjoy lightweight ankle support that’s comfortable to wear during any activity. Fits either ankle.

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  4. Hg80 Elbow Support

    Hg80® Elbow Support

    Gel pads provide extreme comfort and support for weak or sore elbows. Designed with lightweight performance materials to enhance all phases of activity – warm up, high intensity and cool down therapy. Recommended for all activities. Learn More

  5. Hg80 Knee Brace

    Hg80® Knee Brace

    Supportive steel springs support both sides of the knee, yet still allow leg flexion and extension. So you get the support you need without hampering your flexibility. Recommended to help control sublaxating petellas and to help support stiff, sore or unstable knees. Learn More

  6. Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace

    Hg80® Hinged Knee Brace

    Extremely comfortable fabric with maximum medial-lateral support to help protect weak or injured knees. Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn® fabric, Triaxial Hinges, tibial containment system, inner anti-slip strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, fully adjustable and comfortable fit. Learn More

  7. Ankle support with Straps

    Ankle Support with Straps

    The dynamic tension crossing straps help support the ankle with full range of movement. Non-restricting support with compression and soothing warmth.

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  8. MWrap® Multi-Purpose Prewrap Red 2 Roll Pack

    MWrap® Red 2 Roll Pack

    This super-soft, colorful wrap is the fashion-forward solution to hairstyling. Make fashionable headbands to match your entire wardrobe, or stay focused on your game and keep those flyaway strands out of your eyes. Mueller MWrap is also perfect for holding sleeves out of your way. Red 2 Roll Pack

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  9. No Glare® Glare-Reducing Strips Assorted Shapes

    No Glare® Assorted Shapes

    Pressure-sensitive, maximum glare-reducing strips in a variety of shapes. Almost twice as effective as paste.* Easy to use and remove. Won't smear or sweat off. Won't stain uniforms and allows towel drying of face. 54 assorted shaped strips per package.

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  10. Mueller Matrix Basic Protection Youth Mouthguard Black 86210

    Mueller Matrix® Mouth Guards | Youth Basic Protection, Black

    Mueller Matrix - the world’s most advanced self-fit mouthguard. Optimal protection, ultimate custom fit.

    • Hyperlite - lightweight impact absorbing materials
    • OPROfin™ - for a comfortable secure fit
    • Open Front Palate - allowing for superior speech and breathing
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