High Performance Hockey Tape, White

Helps protect a hockey stick while providing superior puck control and transfer of power with every pass or shot.  Water resistant. Provides a moisture barrier. Consistent unwind. Made from natural rubber latex. Available in a 3 roll pack or case of 81 rolls.

Mueller® High Performance Hockey Tape is 15% lighter, 25% thinner, and 35% stronger than standard hockey tape while being made of the same materials. 

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In stock
In stock

On the blade of a stick, hockey tape is the secret sauce for mind-blowing dangles, laser-sharp passing, and sniper-accurate shots. Our premium brand of hockey tape is lighter, thinner, and stronger for the perfect blend of maximum power transfer and superior puck control.


15% Lighter*:
You paid good money for a ultra-light stick. Don’t weight it down with heavy tape.

25% Thinner*:
Less material between the bland and the puck means better performance — handling, passing, scoring.

35% Stronger*:
After grinding it out in the corners for a few shifts, you'll know stronger is better.

Light the lamp more often with Mueller® High Performance Hockey Tape. Order your tape today!


*When compared to traditional cloth hockey tape

26220 - 3 Pack

130262 - 81 Rolls


1" x 25 yds

Product Number: 26110, 130261

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