Mueller Hero® Protégé™ Medical Bags

The Mueller® HERO® Protégé sits squarely between too small and big & bulky. It's the kind of athletic training kit that provokes know-how and experience. With interchangeable accessories, you can kit it just they you need it for any event.

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The HERO® Protégé is your rugged and sturdy athletic training kit. It's compact yet large enough to be your go-to medical bag for most situations. Includes one M2 Clear Pocket for expandable storage. Kit measure 10” x 10” x 10” / 1000 cubic inch capacity.

Key Features

• Customizable kits with interchangeable accessories
• Reflective piping for increased visibility in low light
• Accessories are constructed of lightweight nylon and durable crack resistant TPU (down to -40°F)
• Full-open design lets you unzip bags completely for easy packing and unpacking of gear
• Premium handles and YKK brand zippers, that are built to last

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