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  1. Super Suds™ Foaming Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

    Super Suds™ Foaming Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

    Alcohol-free - Kills 99.99% of germs - Softens hands with each use - No Triclosan


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  2. Blister Pads

    Blister Pads

    Thin flexible, pressure-sensitive adhesive foam pads - Conforms easily to help protect against the most common cause of blisters, friction, & pressure - Sold in handy take-along packs.


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  3. Tape Tote™

    Tape Tote™

    Mueller® Tape Tote is a lightweight styrofoam® case to organize and protect your MTape® for fast, easy access.


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  4. Tape and Tuffner® Remover

    Tape and Tuffner® Remover

    Mueller®  Tape & Tuffner® Remover removes pre-tape spray and adhesive particles from skin, countertops and taping benches. Citrus scented.


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  5. MTac™


    Mueller® M-Tac™ helps MTape® and MWrap® stick better.  Simply spray on an even coat before wrapping. Convenient non-aerosol formula is fast-drying and won’t stain.


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  6. Kinesiology Scissors

    Kinesiology Tape Scissors

    Ideal scissors for precise cutting of kinesiology tape without fraying.


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  7. Economy Tape Cutter

    Economy Tape Cutter

    Mueller® Economy Tape Cutter gets the job done. Safe and simple to use, this tape makes removing MTape® or other athletic tape easy. Blades can be easily replaced.


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  8. MCutter™


    The Mueller® M-Cutter Tape Cutter safely slices through stiff athletic-tape wraps. Stainless steel blades snap-in so you can quickly pop in a sharp new blade.


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  9. Emergency Shears

    Emergency Shears

    Mueller® Emergency Shears feature pointed high-carbon steel blades sharp enough to cut through face masks. Soft, molded grips for non-slip security. 


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  10. Bandage Shears

    Bandage Shears

    The Mueller®  Bandage Shears feature paramedic-grade stainless-steel construction so you can cut through straps, padding, clothing and tape.


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