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  • Energizing Breakfast Ideas For Active Morning Routines

    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For athletes and physically active professionals, breakfast is even more important than usual. Breakfast provides you the energy and nutrients needed to prepare your body for the day. A healthy breakfast before or after exercise tells your body to build muscle instead of fat, to burn calories instead of digesting slowly, and to keep you energized for the challenges ahead. If you eat a heavy breakfast, that can set you up to feel slow and sleepy for the rest of the day. So where do you draw the line?

    It can be tough to sort the traditions of breakfast food with the needs of your body and active daily routine. Are eggs good or bad? Should you load up on carbs or keep it light? Honestly, part of the reason it seems hard to get a straight answer is because the right breakfast

  • At-Home Workouts and Tips to Stay Healthy

    You don't have to go to the gym to get a great workout, as there are great at-home workouts that can reap some serious benefits. Many people find themselves in situations where they can't get to a gym or don't have a home gym to allow them to work out with equipment. The good news is, there are a number of ways to workout at home with minimal or no equipment at all. Working out at home still provides a ton of health benefits while also saving a lot of money. The following are some great tips for how you can have an amazing at-home workout experience. 

    Walking Stairs 

    One of the best at-home exercise options to consider is stair-stepping. You don't have to live in a multi-level home to make this happen and can do this while watching television, or listening to music to help the time go by a little faster. This is a very simple

  • Using Off-Season Training Effectively

    "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." ~ Kevin Durant

    Sports requires more than talent, it requires focused hard work and the kind of motivation that continually sets the bar of self-improvement higher.

    Athletes and aspiring athletes learn early to value their time during the off-season and use it effectively to build strength and flexibility as well as to restore mental and physical balance.

    Athletes whose job it is to remain in top form mentally and physically can teach the rest of us a great deal not just about maintaining but improving fitness in our lives. This includes knowing what to do in the off-season, whether that's for a competitive sport or during a time of year that makes it hard to enjoy our favorite recreational activities.

    What is off-season training?

  • How to Ask for a Spotter When Recovering from an Injury

    For most athletes and busy professionals, injury recovery doesn't get to slow you down. Sure, you spend a few weeks staying off the knee or ankle, but you don't actually stop exercising or working. As you heal, you expand what can be done safely, especially with the help of a spotter. 

    In athletics, a spotter is someone who provides oversight and support while an athlete pushes themselves to the limit. Consider, for example, lifting a barbell on a bench. The lifter loads up as much weight as they can possibly manage and pushes themselves until their arms collapse. Right before they collapse, the spotter catches the bar and helps dock it on the bench, which prevents the lifter from being crushed when they push past their breaking point.

    In less dramatic terms, the spotter often provides advice and guidance to help the athlete

  • 10 Great Foods To Eat While Recovering From An Injury

    Nutrition is everything, whether you are on a new diet, trying to gain muscle, or in this case, recovering from an injury, it should be at the top of the list of things you should be performing at a high level. When talking about recovering from an injury, few things are more tedious than waiting to heal and get back to 100 percent. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or physically active professional, injury recovery can be a challenge. Not only are you kept from your usual physical activity, but you also need to carefully optimize your lifestyle to heal quickly. A huge part of optimizing the opportunity to come back faster, stronger, and healthy is ulitmatly choosing what you eat and your overall nutrition.

    When you're stuck on the couch, it can be tempting to snack. In fact, you may need the extra calories to rebuild the damaged tissue, but what you eat matters

  • How To Recover From an ACL Injury like a Pro

    With the current professional and amatuer basketball seasons wrapping up and heading into their respective postseason tournaments, it is considered to be one of the more exciting times in sports, and is grabbing the attention of basketball fans everywhere. What's also being paid attention to are the serious injuries that some high-level athletes are sustaining, and will need to recover from in the coming months in order to return to an elite level of play. 

    One such player is Golden State Warrior's All-Star guard Klay Thompson, who tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the playoffs last year. While the Warriors ultimately lost the championship series to the Toronto Raptors, their larger loss was this injury to Thompson, which kept him out of action for a large portion of this NBA season and more than likely the whole season. The good news

  • How to Strengthen Your Back After an Injury

    Prairie du Sac, WI

    Back injuries can happen from something as minuscule as lifting improperly to something severe like a traumatic accident. Regardless of how you hurt your back, the pain is debilitating or distracting. An injury to the back can take you out anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, pulling you away from work, the gym, or that game of pickup basketball you were waiting to play. You might be able to get through your day, but you'll have trouble focusing when the pain level in your back unbearable. As everyone knows, being in pain most of the day is no fun, which is why adressing the issue is important.

    Why Strengthening Your Back is Important

    After any type of back injury, you should start a back exercise and stretching routine to help strengthen the back. Because

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Heads to Radio Row in Miami

    Prairie du Sac, WI

    As America’s highest anticipated sporting event brought in viewers from all over the nation, the Kansas City Chiefs grinded out a 31-21 victory against the San Francisco 49ers. Leading up to the big game, stations and sports outlets from all over the country prepared for Radio Row at the Miami Convention Center.

    Mueller Sports Medicine partnered with reputable former NFL athletes to introduce a new product that will help keep athletes on the field.

    Professional athletics is the ultimate stress test for physical endurance. There are lots of products designed to assist athletes with the stress and strain they put on their body; however, many come with side effects and interfere with mobility. Staying on top of any game requires products that support joints and muscles and allow free and easy movement.

    NFL Hall of Fame f

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Proud Sponsor of the Wounded Warriors Amputee Football Game Against NFL Alumni

    Prairie du Sac, WI


    Wounded Warrior Alumni Game

    Mueller Sports Medicine was the proud sponsor of the highly anticipated Wounded Warrior Amputee Alumni football game played during the week of Super Bowl LIV at Nova High School in Davie, Florida last Wednesday. Although the game brings in far less attention than the Super Bowl, it is memorable for all participants and supporters involved.

    The Wounded Warrior football team took on a team of Miami Dolphins and NFL Alumni to highlight the importance of America's heroes. The Wounded Warriors swept the game away with a 38-28 win. The football game, held as an annual charity event during Super Bowl week, has become an avid success generating thousands in the audience. Mueller Sports Medicine graciously donated $50,000 towards this powerful cause.

  • 12 Ways to make Half Marathon Training Easier and More Enjoyable

    Half marathon training

    You love to push your body, to feel your muscles and stamina reaching their limits. There is something undeniably uplifting about how your feet can carry you for miles, the wind blowing in your face. Which is one of the many reasons you've decided to train for an upcoming half-marathon race. Whether you're doing it for a good cause or just for the opportunity to run with a few hundred other people, half-marathons can be a great deal of fun.

    Training, on the other hand, has its ups and downs. Half marathon training involves months - ideally three or four months - of measured runs, long and short, to build up your stamina and increase your speed. While you may love running, over months of intensive training there will be moments where it's hard to get yourself