PRO Orthopedic Tubular Knit Compression Bandages - 8 in.

PRO Orthopedic Tubular Knit Compression Bandages are the high end go-to ‘Cut to Fit Compression’ bandage option. These bandages offer the best performance value in the industry while out performing more expensive competitors.

Old Price: $65.99 $49.49
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Old Price: $65.99 $49.49
In stock

Made of a tubular, heavy knit material that is very durable.With the high spandex content, it maintains a preferred amount of compression without stretching-out over time.

The material has moisture wicking features. It absorbs minimal moisture and is fast drying; providing a cooling effect appreciated by athletes in warm environments.


Ideal for securing protective padding, equipment, or ice bags.


Bandages are machine washable and can be re-used.


Available in Black or White 11 yard rolls (2”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8”)


Not made with natural rubber latex.


Size Selection Suggestions:

2”         Small wrists, small arms

3”         Wrists, small arms/elbows, small ankles

3.5”      Ankles

4”         Elbows,  knees 

5”         Elbows, knees

6”         Small thighs, large upper arms

7”         Thighs

8”         Large thighs, head wounds


Product Numbers: 28111, 28191

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