• Knee Pain Relief Without Medication
    Knee Pain Relief Without Medication

    A person examining another person's kneecap

    Knee pain is something that happens to almost everyone over time. Athletes and people who do a great deal of physical labor at work are prone to knee injuries while others experience knee pain as a result of conditions like arthritis or simple wear-and-tear with age. Whether you're dealing with a recent injury or a long-term ache in one or both knees, the pain can be incredibly distracting if not physically limiting. You may or may not be comfortable treating the symptoms with medication or have a bigger picture medical plan with your doctor, but it can help to know a few ways to ease lasting knee pain at home and at work that aren't over-the-counter meds so that you can regain some of your ability to both focus and relax.

  • Five Common Basketball Injuries
    Five Common Basketball Injuries

    Two men playing basketball outside

    The Origins Of Basketball: Two Peach Baskets

    The game of basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a YMCA teacher who was asked to create an indoor activity for the cold months of the year. His first version of the game used two wooden peach baskets and a soccer ball. Scoring was fairly rare, but when it did happen the players had to climb a ladder or use a long pole to get the ball out of the basket -- so that play could continue.

    It's from this simple beginning -- a make-shift game for kids to play when it was raining or snowing outside -- that today's high-scoring, hi

  • How to Treat Your Runner's Knee
    How to Treat Your Runner's Knee

    Runner's knee can happen to almost anyone — athlete or not. Most training and exercise routines involves running, either for warming up or conditioning. Running is beneficial for your legs, heart, metabolism, and digestion. Unfortunately, every physical activity comes with associated risks. If your knees aren't entirely lined up correctly, if your running form is off, or if you go running on a preexisting minor knee injury, you are putting yourself at higher risk of developing what is commonly known as Runner's Knee.

  • How Tennis Players Can Overcome Jumper’s Knee
    How Tennis Players Can Overcome Jumper’s Knee

    Being a tennis player is a rewarding experience for those with skill and patience. Unfortunately, it can also be problematic for joints in the body like your knee. The average tennis player suffers common knee pain from overuse. And many of them develop more serious issues like patellar tendonitis (Jumper's Knee).

  • Why Healthy Athletes Experience Knee Pain Without an Injury
    Why Healthy Athletes Experience Knee Pain Without an Injury

    When it comes to athletics, you'll be hard-pressed to find a single sport or activity that doesn't somehow involve the legs. Running, jumping, climbing, and turning quickly. Each movement requires support from your bones, the force from your muscles, and near-snapping tension in your ligaments. Sudden or awkward movements can lead to an injury. Especially, in your knees.

  • 10 Ways To Relieve Knee Pain At Home
    10 Ways To Relieve Knee Pain At Home

    Knee pain can happen to anyone. Whether it's the result of a recent injury, hard physical work, or just creeping joint deterioration, knees are complicated joints that we use every day. Over-working them or just 50 plus years of continual walking can wear them down and cause one or more aspects of your knee to send pain signals. Your knee pain might be something you're recovering from now or knee pain might just be a sign that it's time to sit for a few hours but living with constant achy or sharply painful joints is no fun for anyone.

  • Considering Your Knee Pain Treatment Options
    Considering Your Knee Pain Treatment Options

    For some people, living with knee pain is simply a part of daily life. However, the simple reality of knee pain doesn't mean that you have to struggle with it all the time. Instead, educate yourself on what knee pain treatments are available for you in order to understand how you can get some much-needed relief. 

  • Treating Your Knee Joint Pain at Home
    Treating Your Knee Joint Pain at Home

    The human body was made to walk miles every day, but for many, the knees become a weak point in this equation. Knee pain is an incredibly common symptom with over a dozen possible causes. One thing is for sure- when your knees hurt, it really puts a damper on your physical activity. Pain is the body's way of telling us that something is wrong. Reactive pain, like a pinch or bump, tells us to be careful with our environment but internal pain means it's time to take better care of yourself. Knee pain in particular often means you have been asking too much of your knees, putting extra strain on them, or are struggling with arthritis and it's important that you tend to your knees before resuming your regular physical activity. Fortunately, knee pain is something you can treat at home with a few standard techniques and over the counter medications.