• 6 Around-the-House Hacks for Recovering from Ankle Injuries
    6 Around-the-House Hacks for Recovering from Ankle Injuries

    Sprained ankles, broken ankles, torn ligaments... In sports and everyday life, ankles take a beating. Our ankles are the final weight-bearing joint, holding up every part of us from the tops of our heads to the bottoms of our shins. The ankles are responsible for supporting us as we run, jump, climb, and twist. As we lunge and swim and kick. And any number of these activities can lead to a mild-to-serious ankle injury.

    The problem with recovering from an ankle injury isn't going through the correct steps. Most people know how to Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate an injury. But we rely on our ankles. It's just so hard to remember not to step down on one of your two faithful feet when it's time to get up, climb or descend steps, or simply walk forward.

    So today, we're here to share a few clever around-the-house hacks on how to get around and recover efficiently when one of your trusty ankles is out of commission.


  • 3 Common Tennis Injuries (and How to Treat Them)
    3 Common Tennis Injuries (and How to Treat Them)

    Tennis Injuries

    Like any sport, tennis athletes get injured. While tennis players can suffer concussions and other injuries that are most associated with contact sports, the most common tennis injuries are either repetitive action injuries or acute injuries, such as sprains. If you are a tennis player, it is important to recognize and properly treat any injuries before they become more serious.

    Tennis Elbow 

    Caused by repetitive motion of the wrist and arm, tennis elbow involves a pain on the outside of the elbow. The pain may spread to the forearm and wrist. Things such as shaking hands,

  • Don't Just 'Walk Off' a Sprained Ankle
    Don't Just 'Walk Off' a Sprained Ankle

    man running hero image

    Athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. An athlete can be any age, gender, and level of current physical fitness. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are, if you do sports professionally or casually, if you run for your health or because you love the feeling of the wind on your face. Athletes come from all walks of life and work out for all sorts of personal or professional reasons. However, the one thing that binds almost all athletes together is a spirit of determination. We believe in the adage "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". You keep working through the burn, you get in the zone, push your limits, and get stronger and faster every day. For most athletes, it's not the exercise that's hard, it's stopping before you're ready.

    Unfortunately, that's exactly what an injury does, and they

  • Simple Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Ankles
    Simple Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Ankles

    Simple Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Ankles

    Common Ankle Injuries

    Ankle injuries are quite common, and can result in acute or chronic pain, stiffness, swelling and/or misalignments within the joint.

    Rolling your ankle—say when playing basketball, or stepping off of a slippery curb, or hiking through rugged terrain—can stretch and/or tear one or more of the ankle's ligaments, resulting in an ankle sprain.

    More severe than a sprain is a fracture of one of the bones of the ankle: e.g. the tibia, fibula, or talus. A broken ankle—whether it's a simple or a compound fracture—can be the result of an auto or household accident, or a high-impact collision in a sporting event.

    But the muscles, tendons and bones in the ankle can also become inflamed or injured simply as the result of overuse—the repetitive movements and impac