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Wounded Warrior Alumni Game

Mueller Sports Medicine was the proud sponsor of the highly anticipated Wounded Warrior Amputee Alumni football game played during the week of Super Bowl LIV at Nova High School in Davie, Florida last Wednesday. Although the game brings in far less attention than the Super Bowl, it is memorable for all participants and supporters involved.

The Wounded Warrior football team took on a team of Miami Dolphins and NFL Alumni to highlight the importance of America's heroes. The Wounded Warriors swept the game away with a 38-28 win. The football game, held as an annual charity event during Super Bowl week, has become an avid success generating thousands in the audience. Mueller Sports Medicine graciously donated $50,000 towards this powerful cause.

Many faces amongst the red Mueller jersey team are highly recognized individuals. NFL alumni included Although the participants in the blue are less recognized by the public, they are just as heroic.

Some Wounded Warrior team members competed with prosthetic legs and some entered the field with missing limbs. These men and women sacrified their bodies to serve and protect our country. Now, they are exemplifying to America the courage each and every one of them instilled and dedicated for our country.

Furthermore, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school football was honored prior to the start of the game to honor the community affected by a shooter who entered the high school in 2018. A tribute was made during this time to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Athletic Director, Chris Hixton, the noble man who lost his life to protect those in danger within the presence of the shooter. Many across the nation were brought into awareness of Hixon's previous 22 years of active duty in the Navy. He was a true American hero for the entire duration of his life - protecting and serving was engrained in him, even in a devastating situation like this one.