Hey Mueller Sports Medicine Family, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

For my vlog this week, I wanted to give you some insight as to what I do for an at-home workout since I am still not able to go to a gym, and hopefully give you all some exercises to do or motivate you to get up and stay active.

For my workout today, I did chest and back. I was also feeling pretty motivated at the time, so I decided to throw in some HIIT cardio and abs as well. Within this, make sure you guys are practicing proper from during your workouts and also stretching, as both of these can help reduce your risk of injury.

Also, I performed this workout in a superset variation, meaning i did one exercise (A) and immediately did another (B), then rested, repeated 4 times total, and once I was done moved onto the next superset workout (C and D). However, like I said in the video, you can choose to do the workout however you like, or just take certain things from it.


Chase's Chest and Back Workout

A. 20 Push-Ups 

B. 20 Backpack Back Rows

Rested 1 minute between sets, completed 4 total sets

C. 20 Decline Push-Ups

D. 20 Supermans

Rested 1 minute between sets, completed 4 total sets

*You can adjust the sets, reps, and rest time to make sure are doing a comfortable amount of each and staying healthy while doing so.


Chase's HIIT Cardio Workout

- 6 reps of 100 meter sprints with a rest period of walking/lightly jogging back to starting point.

*Like I said in the video, HIIT cardio makes your body exert a ton of energy, so make sure you are healthy enough to do HIIT and consult with a physician or health professional if you are unsure.

*You can also adjust the amount of reps, distance, and rest time to make sure you are doing what best fits you to stay healthy.


Chase's Ab Workout

A. 20 Flutter kicks

B. 20 Leg Lifts

C. 20 Russian Twists

*Performed 3 total sets of each, can do consecutively or individually.

*Reps and sets can vary depending on what best fits you.


Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks installation of the Mueller Sports Vlog Series and were able to take something from it!

We'll see you all next week and have a great rest of your week and weekend!


- Chase


*Please consult with a medical professional if you have any medical issues that may be affected by the suggested activities.