10 Kinesiology Taping Techniques You Can Do Yourself

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Chad Schomber

October 13, 2018

Kinesiology tape is popular with athletes at every level, in nearly every sport. Top athletes are looking to get the most out of their bodies — every little bit helps. And Kinesiology tape is one fast and easy way to get an edge on the competition.

While kinesiology tape might seem like glorified athletic tape, the two tapes are very different.  Athletic tape is used for support and to limit motion. Kinesiology tape facilitates motion, moves when you, and helps improve circulation.

Mueller® Kinesiology Tape helps reduce pain while supporting your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. That means whether you’re training for a half-marathon, playing sports, or working hard, you’ll feel comfortable wearing Mueller® Kinesiology Tape.

10 Kinesiology Taping Techniques You Can Do Yourself


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