• Nutrition for Weight Training: Diet and Increasing Muscle Mass
    Nutrition for Weight Training: Diet and Increasing Muscle Mass

    Strength training can be a fantastic addition to your fitness routine and is something you can do at home as well as in a health club or recreation center. While a formal weight-room, equipped with a wide variety of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and circuit-training machines is awesome, we can also accomplish a lot with just a few pieces of equipment.

    Whether you're at home or at the gym, paying attention to your diet will help you maximize the benefit of your weight training. Proper nutrition sets your body up for performing well during a workout, and optimizing new muscle synthesis in the recovery period.   

    While the science behind such nutritional strategies can be complex, the basic principles, which we'll lay out for you here, are pretty simple. The two things to pay attention to are:

    1. What you

  • Nutrition at Home: How to Substitute for Healthier Recipes
    Nutrition at Home: How to Substitute for Healthier Recipes

    Cooking at home is all about balancing your pantry, your ability, and your body's nutrition. For athletes and active professionals who rely on a healthy body, nutrition is very important. Part of that is deciding what's in your pantry and, therefore, what you will cook with and consume. One of the best ways to casually improve your daily nutrition is to make smart substitution choices in your favorite (or new experimental) recipes.

    Substitutions take out the more traditional but calorie-packed ingredients and replace them with equally functional, delicious, and healthier alternate ingredients. For example, there are a lot of ways to substitute butter in a recipe. You may have heard about coconut oil or avocado or banana or apple sauce, depending on the flavor profile and texture of the recipe.

    But how do you substitute on the fly? That's what

  • 9 Expert Daily Smoothie Hacks
    9 Expert Daily Smoothie Hacks

    Smoothies are one of the greatest inventions ever made for athletes, students, and professionals on the go. Smoothies are a great way to pack all your nutritional needs into a quick drinkable meal, from fruits and veggies to grains and protein. You might rock the protein-mix smoothie in the morning to get going without stopping for breakfast. Or you might enjoy a fruit smoothie for that boost of sugar and diverse nutrients.

    Indulging in a homemade smoothie every once in a while can be a production. But if you're drinking smoothies every day as part of your routine, it helps to have more than a few hacks to speed up the process and diversify your smoothie benefits.

    Today, we're here to bring you a collection of smoothie hacks developed by daily smoothie gurus ranging from pro athletes to CEOs to super-moms. Here's how to up your smoothie game and make daily smoothies easier

  • Day in the Life With Chase!
    Day in the Life With Chase!


    Hey Everyone!

    Hope you all are staying healthy!

    For this weeks vlog I took you through a day in my life, which included some meals I

  • Beyond the Swing: Fitness Techniques to Prevent Golf Injuries
    Beyond the Swing: Fitness Techniques to Prevent Golf Injuries

    man golfing

    In golf, the perfect swing is not just about aligning your body and moving the club. The perfect swing is accomplished by training your body to be strong, balanced, smooth, and precise all at once in a golden moment. And to be a pro, you need to be able to do that a thousand times without getting an injury. This kind of balance is only achieved by people who embrace the fitness aspect of golf along with the physical action.

    Golf injuries can happen suddenly or creep up on you, but they are always the result of an error in motion. Perhaps it was one painful error, or an injury from repeating a very small error hundreds of time. The best way to avoid injuries from motions of error is to hone your body. The stronger, more flexible, and more internally balanced your body is, the better your swing will become naturally.

    Today, we're diving into the

  • Protein-Packed Meals for Active Lifestyles
    Protein-Packed Meals for Active Lifestyles

    Olympic athletes, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts alike know the vital role that protein plays in a healthy diet. Getting adequate high-quality protein is one of the best ways to enhance athletic performance—as well as to just keep us feeling good.

    Why Protein Is Important

    Why is protein so important? It's pretty straightforward: All of our muscles, bones, connective tissue, internal organs and hormones are made from proteins! So, protein-rich foods supply the nutrients that almost every part of the body requires in order to grow, heal, and function properly.

    Maybe you already add a scoop of protein powder to your morning smoothie, or are in the habit of snacking on your favorite protein bars before or after a workout. While these are great ways to supplement your protein intake, the very best way to give your body the protein it n

  • How to Boost Your Vitamin-C: Snacks & Smoothies
    How to Boost Your Vitamin-C: Snacks & Smoothies

    For athletes in training, fitness buffs, and anyone interested in staying active and keeping their body healthy, getting plenty of vitamin C is a priority. But what's the best way to do this?

    As it turns out, there are some super-easy and delicious ways of getting your recommended dose of vitamin C every day. And we'll share these with you here! But first, let's get clear on how vitamin C helps us stay healthy and fit.

    The Health Benefits of Vitamin C

    Most importantly, vitamin C plays a vital role in keeping the immune system healthy. By boosting immunity, it helps us prevent or recover more quickly from a cold, flu, or any other illness. Other key health benefits of vitamin C include:

  • How to Eat More Protein with Every Meal and Snack
    How to Eat More Protein with Every Meal and Snack

    Whether you're healing muscle tissue or trying to bulk up, protein is an important part of an active lifestyle. Protein makes up the building blocks for our bodies, especially muscle. We need protein to heal, to grow, and to strengthen muscles and damaged tissue.

    But if you're already eating a balanced diet, it can be difficult to pack more protein in without overeating. Fortunately, there are a ton of tricks to add protein and prioritize protein in your daily meals and snacks.

    Add One Egg White to Breakfast

    Eggs are a great way to start your day, and you don't need to eat a million for that protein-rich boost of energy. Most great egg breakfasts start with two or three eggs per person. Boost the protein count without the core eggy calories with one extra egg white. Doing this is easier than you

  • 3 Fast, Easy, and Healthy Snacks That I Enjoy
    3 Fast, Easy, and Healthy Snacks That I Enjoy

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you all are staying happy and healthy!

    For this weeks vlog, I wanted to discuss 3 fast and easy healthy snacks that I enjoy and

  • Megan's Tips and Tricks to Healthy Eating
    Megan's Tips and Tricks to Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating Tips:


    In this video I share some of my tips and tricks for eating as healthy possible - additional details are shared in the video.

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