• Megan's Favorite Mueller Products
    Megan's Favorite Mueller Products


    My Favorite Mueller Products


    I wanted to share a few Mueller Sports Medicine Products that I have used over the years and just

  • How to Handle Skin Care and Prevent Itching When Wearing a Brace
    How to Handle Skin Care and Prevent Itching When Wearing a Brace

    Millions of people today wear a brace for one reason or another, all the time or for specific activities. Athletes wear sports braces for support or while recovering from a recent injury. Many professionals wear a brace to prevent injury while they're doing physical labor at work. Many more wear braces while recovering from surgery or to support a joint that will always be misaligned or not strong enough for daily life.

    All this brace-wearing may involve a wide variety of brace types. There are sleeve braces and wrap braces, soft braces, rigid braces, hinged braces, and immobilizing braces. There are braces for the wrist, back, knee, or ankle. But there is one thing that everyone who wears a brace shares as a common concern: Skincare.

    No matter what kind of brace you wear, skin has a universal response to being warmed and confined over a long period of time. Eventually, you will find yourself fighting the urge to scratch. Itching underneath a brace can happen for many

  • 10 Times When a Good Sports Brace is Your Best Friend
    10 Times When a Good Sports Brace is Your Best Friend

    When to use a Sports Brace

    There comes a time in almost everyone's life when they need a little more support than their joints can provide. This is a situation that athletes run into all the time, often in response to a particularly strenuous training activity or while recovering from an injury. Of course, normal people find themselves needing joint support as well. There are a variety of medical conditions, situations, and labor-intensive jobs that benefit, even require, the use of a 'sports' brace. If you've ever suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, turned an ankle, or fallen wrong on a knee, you have at least some experience with braces but most people don't realize just how useful a sports brace can be. Today we're here to talk about ten different very common situations that benefit from a

  • Don't Just 'Walk Off' a Sprained Ankle
    Don't Just 'Walk Off' a Sprained Ankle

    man running hero image

    Athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. An athlete can be any age, gender, and level of current physical fitness. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are, if you do sports professionally or casually, if you run for your health or because you love the feeling of the wind on your face. Athletes come from all walks of life and work out for all sorts of personal or professional reasons. However, the one thing that binds almost all athletes together is a spirit of determination. We believe in the adage "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". You keep working through the burn, you get in the zone, push your limits, and get stronger and faster every day. For most athletes, it's not the exercise that's hard, it's stopping before you're ready.

    Unfortunately, that's exactly what an injury does, and they

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