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Heel & Lace Pads - 3" X 3" - 2000 Pieces

SKU: 080202
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Heel & Lace Pads - 3" X 3" - 2000 Pieces
39,99 $

Thin layers of white foam that can be used to help reduce friction inside shoes near tender zones of the heel and the area near laces. Add a layer of Lubricating Ointment to the foam for additional comfort.

Intended Use: Cushions and/or reduces friction over sensitive areas.
Cautions/Warnings: NONE
Care Instructions: N/A
Antimicrobial: No
Color: WHITE
Composition: Polyethylene Foam (1.4 lb/ft^3 Density)
Sterile: No
Tape Properties: Polyethylene Foam (1.4 lb/ft^3 Density)
Water Resistance: Yes