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Advanced Patella Strap

SKU: 52897X
Advanced Patella Strap

The Advanced Patella Strap by Mueller Sports Medicine helps maintain kneecap alignment while walking, running, jumping, or climbing. The gentle compression helps relieve pain by absorbing high-impact shock.

The integrated bi-lateral strap connects directly to the buttress so you can adjust the tension directionally (more or less on each side) for patella tracking issues. The Advanced Patella Strap can also be worn above the knee for IT Band (Iliotibial Band Syndrome). help

Our Advanced Patella Strap can help you manage your patellar tendonitis, runner’s knee, patella alignment issues, chondromalacia, arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, and general knee pain.

Measure Around Knee
12"-20" 9"-15" 17"-26"
30-50 cm 23-38 cm 43-66 cm