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mueller kinesiology tape
designed to help increase the natural blood flow around the muscle, mueller kinesiology tape features a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscles. available in 4 colors and with a retail-ready pop up point of sale display.
kinesiology taping techniques video - english  español

• latex-free, breathable, elastic and maintains flexibility.
• versatile enough for 1,200 recognized applications.
• patterned adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic.

removal instructions
gently remove tape from skin in the direction of hair growth. use mueller tape & tuffner® remover spray for easy adhesive removal. it is not recommended to remove kinesiology tape in the shower as the adhesive is heat activated. applying baby oil will also help dissolve the adhesive for easy removal.

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kinesiology tape flyer.pdf

  27367 blue
27467 beige
28147 black
28277 pink

100% cotton backcloth, zinc oxide athletic trainers tape.  white, bleached mtape® features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability.  easy handling, easy unwind to the core.
130104  1" x 10 yds.   (48 rolls/case)
130105  1 ½" x 15 yds.   (32 rolls/case)
  2" x 15 yds.   (24 rolls/case)


mtape® team colors
zinc oxide athletic trainers' tape. 100% cotton backcloth. high tensile strength and excellent tackiness. easy unwind to core.  gray is ncaa approved for football gloves.
32 rolls/case   1.5" x 10 yds.
  (3.8cm x 9.1m)

130820  blue (royal)
130821  green
130822  scarlet
130823  gold
130824  black
130826  purple
130827  beige
130828  maroon
130829  gray
130830  pink
130831  navy

m lastic® tape
lightweight, cohesive stretch tape adheres only to itself.  will not damage protective padding, special injury pads or clothing.  also used as blood spill tape™ for compression on wounds to help stop bleeding.
130612  case of 24 rolls, 2 in x 5 yd stretched (180 in) each roll 
(5cm x 4.5m stretched)
130613  case of 16 rolls, 3 in x 5 yd stretched (180 in) each roll 
(7.6cm x 4.5m stretched)


perform™  -  high performance porous athletic trainers tape
high tensile strength 100% cotton backcloth zinc oxide tape with superior adhesion and conformability.  porous feature reduces irritation, helps skin to breathe.  delivers consistent unwind to the core.
130162  1 ½" x 15 yd. roll 
(3.81cm x 13.71m)  -  32 rolls/case
130163  2" x 15 yd. roll 
(5.08cm x 13.72m)  -  24 rolls/case


stretch mtape®  premium maximum strength elastic adhesive tape
our strongest stretch tape.  for areas and techniques normally difficult to tape.  superior adhesive and tensile strength.  red center guideline helps for consistent taping.  soft featured edges won't roll up when putting on athletic pants or shorts.
130602p  2" x 5 yds. stretched (24 rolls/case)
130603p  3" x 5 yds. stretched (16 rolls/case)


tapewrap® premium
your best alternative to prewrap, mueller's new tapewrap premium features a revolutionary woven, ultra-soft fabric that is as flexible as prewrap, but tapewrap premium does not trap moisture and does not slip. it is cohesive, breathable, lightweight and easy-to-tear. it is stronger and gives more support than prewrap.

tapewrap is versatile and quick. use it as a prewrap for preventive taping techniques including wrists and hands, as a fixation bandage to hold pads and splints, and for post-injury as a compression wrap. it is also an excellent replacement for elastic bandages to hold cold packs with no clips needed.
22057  white 1” x 6 yds (48 rolls/case)
24058  white 2" x 6 yds (24 rolls/case)
26059  white 3" x 6 yds (16 rolls/case)
24258  black 2” x 6 yds (24 rolls/case)
26259  black 3” x 6 yds (16 rolls/case)

tear-light® tape
lightweight elastic adhesive tape -  superior adhesive with excellent conformability.  easy to tear.  easy unwind.  ideal for securing lateral knee braces, as a compression wrap or fixation bandage for padding and cold packs.
130622  2" x 5 yds. stretched  (24 rolls/case)
130623  3" x 5 yds. stretched  (16 rolls/case)
130626  1 ½" x 7 ½ yds. stretched  (32 rolls/case)
130632  2" x 7 ½ yds. stretched  (24 rolls/case)
130633  3" x 7 ½ yds. stretched  (16 rolls/case)

black tear-light® tape
ideal for spatting to help secure cleats, covering logos or securing laces and padding.
130642  2" x 7 ½ yds. stretched 
(5.1cm x 6.85m)  -  24 rolls/case
130643  3" x 7 ½ yds. stretched  
(7.62cm x 6.85m)  -  16 rolls/case


mueller spatting tape
improved lightweight elastic adhesive tape is ideal for spatting shoes to help secure cleats or cover logos.  new design is lighter and stronger with a lower profile than ever before. 
available in 2 and 3 inch widths.
26447 2” black 24 - 7.5 yd. rolls, stretched (5.08cm x 6.85m)
26457 3” black 16 - 7.5 yd. rolls, stretched (7.62cm x 6.85m)
26438 2” white 24 - 7.5 yd. rolls, stretched (5.08cm x 6.85m)
26448 3” white 16 - 7.5 yd. rolls, stretched (7.62cm x 6.85m)


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