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hg80® hinged knee brace   prod. 54011, 54012, 54013, 54014
mueller-exclusive hydracinn® fabric, triaxial hinges, tibial containment system,  inner anti-slip strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, fully adjustable comfortable fit.


hg80® knee brace   prod. 54111, 54112, 54113, 54114
mueller-exclusive hydracinn® fabric, supportive steel springs, tibial containment system, inner anti-slip strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, fully adjustable comfortable fit.


hg80® knee stabilizer   prod. 54211, 54212, 54213, 54214
mueller-exclusive hydracinn® fabric, supportive steel springs, gel patella buttress, inner anti-slip strips, flatlock seams, form-fitting hourglass design, fully adjustable comfortable fit.


mueller green adjustable hinged knee brace   prod. 86455
made with recycled materials. this self-adjusting brace provides maximum medial-lateral support. the soft, non-petroleum based, neoprene blend retains body heat to help relieve pain, promote healing and keep your knee flexible. wraparound design for easy on and off.


life care  contour knee   prod. 50991-4, 57011-4
designed to help relieve pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis.  gel buttress targets compression just below the kneecap to help relieve pain; flexible springs help support both sides of knee. available in plum or taupe.


adjustable wraparound knee support   prod. 4531
one size lightweight support provides firm comfortable compression and maintains full range of movement for weak, injured, or arthritic knees.  patented strapping system allows for adjustable tension to provide a custom fit.


cho pat® dual action knee strap   prod. 985
device applies compression above and below the knee to offer pain relief and protection.


cho pat® is a registered trademark of cho pat® incorporated, hainesport, nj


cho pat® knee strap   prod. 982
knee strap is designed to relieve pain caused by irritated knee cap.  helps knee cap to track correctly, and relieves pressure.


cho pat® is a registered trademark of cho pat® incorporated, hainesport, nj


elastic knee brace  prod. 4540
this latex-free and neoprene-free lightweight brace provides support for stiff, weak or sore knees.  flexible steel springs offer moderate medial/lateral support.


knee stabilizer - elastic  prod. 427
lightweight stabilizer provides support for stiff, weak, or sore knees using flexible steel springs and breathable elastic material.


pro-level™ hinged knee brace deluxe  prod. 5333
3 in one brace = a sport brace with full range of motion or lock out the hinges and use as an immobilizer or use as a rehab brace with the adjustable extension stops.


hinged knee brace   prod. 2333
triaxial hinge properly tracks the knee joint producing near-normal motion. opposing front and back straps with fitted sleeve and slip on design for custom fit. patella buttress stabilizes and helps protect the kneecap.


hinged wraparound knee brace   prod. 3333
sectional design and adjustable straps provide controlled compression. triaxial hinge properly tracks the knee joint providing near-normal motion. patella buttress stabilizes and helps protect the kneecap. comfortable open-back design.


jumper's knee strap   prod. 991 - 997
this adjustable strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. the tubular insert provides uniform pressure and helps provide pain relief.


knee pads   prod. 4535
universal, extra length knee pads protect against bumps, bruises, and friction burns during practice and competition.  elastic material provides easy slide on and a custom fit.


knee sleeves - open and closed patella   prod. 424 / prod. 434
soft neoprene blend improves blood circulation to assist healing and provides soothing warmth for joint flexibility.  long-lasting durability with stretch nylon-trimmed ends and lock stitch seams.


knee support - elastic   prod. 425 / prod. 426
this lightweight elastic knit provides support and maintains full range of movement for stiff, weak, or sore knees.  the contour design helps prevent bunching and slippage to ensure a proper fit.  the custom top weave also helps prevent rolling.


knee supports- open and closed patella
open - prod. 4532 / prod. 4536   closed - prod. 4533 / prod. 4537

high quality contoured neoprene blend provides warmth and compression and good joint fit.  upper and lower closures allow for adjustable compression.


max knee strap   prod. 59857
the mueller max knee strap is a lightweight and comfortable support for relief of pain associated with soreness, stiffness and arthritis.  compression tubes target above, below and on both sides of the knee.  fits either leg.


muellerhinge 2100   prod. 2100
designed to protect the knee from lateral blows in all positions, the muellerhinge helps protect the medial collateral ligament and helps reduce the possibility of hyperextension injuries.  the triaxial hinge literally tracks the knee motion and allows maximum mobility.  fits either knee.


patella stabilizer - one size fits most    prod. 4538 / prod. 4539
lightweight soft neoprene blend is contoured for good joint fit.   flexible steel springs on medial/lateral sides add extra support.  patella opening relieves pressure on knee cap and hook & loop straps allow user to adjust tension.


patella stabilizer knee brace w/universal buttress   prod. 2313
soft neoprene blend provides all over compression and warmth, while patella buttress stabilizes the kneecap.  straps are adjustable and steel springs add extra support.


pro level™ knee pad w/kevlar®   prod. 54530 - 54535
lightweight, non-restricting knee pad cushions the knee from shocks or bumps while providing constant compression and retaining soothing body heat.  the thick inner foam provides superior protection.


self-adjusting knee stabilizer  prod. 56427
this adjustable stabilizer has flexible steel springs, double buttress supports, an open patella and self-adjusting straps that provide a custom fit for controlled compression.  one size.


shokk™ knee pads  prod. 54600 - 54605
a built in expansion panel makes the shokk knee pad more comfortable.  pad is made from an abrasion resistant material with foam padding.  ideal for wrestling, volleyball, squash, handball, indoor soccer and racquetball.


textured itb strap  prod. 57927
this lightweight wrap helps relieve pain or aching on the outer side of the knee associated with iliotibial band (itb) syndrome. textured neoprene prevents slipping, increases air flow and moisture management.


volleyball knee pads  prod. 4534
thick, wide polyurethane foam pad provides impact protection and shock absorption.  contoured pad for enhanced flexibility and fit.  comfortable and durable.


wraparound knee brace - deluxe   prod. 230
unique design opens completely at the front of brace.  closures and crossing straps above and below the knee allow wearer to adjust compression.   flexible springs support both sides of the knee.



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