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the one� ankle brace   prod. 45530-5, 42220-5  or   prod. 46640-5  or  41110-5
designed to be extremely light and low-profile. offering all the traditional benefits of taping, but with all the adjustable flexibility of a soft strap brace.


hg80� ankle brace with straps   prod. 42130, 42131, 42132, 42133, 42134, 42135
this precision ankle brace with straps is lightweight and extremely soft to the touch. provides superior protection and support with unique dynamic figure 8 straps that add tension as the ankle moves for even more support and a secure fit.


hg80� rigid ankle brace   prod. 44311, 44312, 44313, 44314 / 44321, 44322, 44323, 44324
rigid shells, interior cushioning aircast
aircells, back-entry easy-on design, fully adjustable comfortable fit.


mueller green adjustable ankle support   prod. 86511
made with recycled materials. designed to help support and protect sore, weak, sprained, strained and arthritic ankles. the patented strapping system provides firm and even support to your ankle.  it's lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.


life care - contour ankle   prod. 40991-4, 47011-4
this support offers gel pads for soothing support where it's needed most, won't bind or bunch and helps provide all-day comfort. available in plum or taupe.


atf� 2 ankle brace  prod. 43360-43364, 43330-43334
the patented atf 2 ankle straps self-adjust to support your anterior talofibular ligament and help protect against “rolling the ankle” without restricting jumping, speed or agility. atf 2 straps also help in the support of weakened or sprained ankles.


adjustable ankle stabilizer   prod. 44547
lightweight design is ideal for extended use and fits in most shoe styles. side stays help provide firm lateral support and protection. figure 8 strapping system offers custom support and controlled compression.


adjust-to-fit� ankle brace   prod. 4571
patented adjustable side panels adjust easily to help control compression. steel springs help support both sides of the ankle. reinforced eyelets. nylon tricot/foam lining. fits either foot.


adjustable ankle support   prod. 4547
one-size-fits-most support with adjustable tension straps gives your ankle a custom fit.  strapping system provides firm and even support to your ankle.  neoprene blend retains body heat for increased circulation to relieve pain, promote healing and keep joints flexible.


aircast sport ankle brace   prod. 4561 / 4566
recommended after severe injury. cast-like support with air-filled chambers. semi-rigid shells. extra stability from dual straps. aircells conform to the ankle.


aircast� is a registered trademark of djo, llc vista, ca


ankle support - elastic   prod. 962 / 963
firm, comfortable support with contour design to help prevent slipping and bunching. reinforced edges for durability.


ankle support - neoprene blend   prod. 964
neoprene blend provides light compression and retains body heat for increased circulation to help speed healing.


ankle support with straps - neoprene blend   prod. 965
elastic straps provide dynamic tension and support as the foot moves.  full coverage provides nonrestricting support, compression and warmth and maintains full range of movement for weak or injured ankles.


ankle support - neoprene blend (one size fits most)   prod. 4541 / 4546
lightweight and comfortable support with wraparound design for easy on and off.  soft neoprene blend provides even compression and soothing warmth.  fully adjustable and comfortable for all-day wear.


bilateral ankle brace   prod. 208 / 211
lightweight brace fits either foot.  flexible steel springs help protect both sides of ankle.  conforming curve gives increased support and comfortable, tight fit during all movements.  mt flexfit allows arch area to expand without pinching.


cho pat achilles tendon strap   prod. 980
strap provide pain relief of achilles tendonitis. ideal for athletes involved in sports that involve running and jumping.


cho pat� is a registered trademark of cho pat� incorporated, hainesport, nj


gel�brace - cold therapy   prod. 4556
extremely light, adjustable brace helps to assist the healing process after a severe injury through cold therapy.  the upper chamber is air filled and conforms to calf.  the lower chamber is gel filled to mold to the ankle and functions as a support cushion and as a high performance cold therapy system.  fits either foot.


lace-up ankle brace   prod. 218
lightweight cool canvas provides moderate support.  fits either foot .


lite ankle brace  prod. 4552 / 4554
extremely lightweight and comfortable, this hinged brace provides advanced protection against rollover injuries and weak or injured ankles.  features one strap for easy on and off.  fits in any style shoe.  fits either foot.


soccer ankle brace   prod. 44012-44025, 44212-44225
used by national soccer teams worldwide. high cut front with narrow profile bottom for more feel, more movement. sturdy plastic stays help support both sides of the ankle. single layer of fabric over ankle bone. fits either foot.


soft ankle brace with straps   prod. 213
comfortable lightweight brace helps prevent ankle injuries and protects weak or injured ankles.  secure stirrup straps provide support on both sides of the ankle while the adjustable non-stretch stabilizing straps imitate effects of taping the ankle.  fits either foot.



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